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Residential Foundations

What does it mean to have a curriculum in your residence hall? 

A residential curriculum is an innovative strategy that turns educational theories and practices into experiences that are designed to enhance your time living in University Housing. Our Residential Foundations model, is meant to help you grow and develop as a student. Much like your classroom experiences, residential foundations contains a written out plan that will guide your educational, academic, and developmental experiences within your particular community.

While living on-campus at USC you will have the opportunity to engage with your residence hall community and learn about a variety of topics that will help you build a strong foundation by the end of the year.

Participate in USC traditions like First Night Carolina, Welcome Week, and the First Year Reading Experience:

Every building has their own traditions and strengths. However, we all share and provide some great experiences for each and every student to partake in such as Welcome Week, First Night Carolina, and the First Year Reading Experience. These events help to give you events that help connect you to USC, the spirit of the university, and the culture you’ll experience here.

Leadership Opportunities (Hall Government/Eco Reps/Desk Assistant):

Every building offers numerous opportunities for you to find a leadership position within the community. These range from different positions on Hall Government, Eco Reps, and even work as Desk Assistants. Your building staff will focus on advising you with your leadership groups and provide you with lots of opportunities to make an impact on your community.

Floor Community Gatherings:

RM led Community Gatherings offer you the chance to get to know your neighbors and fellow Gamecocks. Your community will get to focus on building community goals, discuss the different beliefs/values on your floors, identify personal/professional goals, and have fun with one another throughout the year.

Roommate Agreements/How to communicate with your roommate:

Living in a residential environment provides you with the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your roommates, and about interacting with others. Generally speaking, the roommate/suitemate agreement serves as a mechanism for you and your roommates to identify what parameters are necessary for you to live happily and healthily. It is utilized as a tool for conversation between the individuals who are living together.

Community events that build on your Foundation:

Explore your identity and the identity of others: An interactive series of events where you will have the opportunity to engage in discussions on different topics of diversity and culture. The purpose is to encourage an open dialogue on identity topics in order to discourage bigotry and demonstrate respect (Carolinian Creed). Learn from the experiences and identities of your fellow Carolinians on campus!

Meet campus resources and learn the campus environment:

Faculty and staff from all over campus are invited to present information to you within your community. Not only will you be able to learn about Carolina, but you’ll be also given the opportunity to consider a topic area that you may not be traditionally exposed to. This event series encourages community members to learn about topics of personal interest, think about areas within a field they are potentially unaware of, and helps foster a deeper sense of curiosity.

Regular study groups, academic support, and a community dedicated to your continued learning experience:

Your community will work hard to provide an environment that is conducive to studying and promotes effective study habits among all residents. Look for these events and opportunities throughout the year in your building! During these events, you’ll be able to connect with students who are studying subjects similar to course load and get help from faculty and staff inside your own study lounges.

One on one time with your Resident Mentor, a dedicated peer leader:

During your time at Carolina, your RM will take time to check in and have a conversation about your experiences at USC. Your building staff is focused on providing you with the best experience possible and giving you one on one attention throughout the year.