Designing Sustainable Communities for Living and Learning

Living and Learning Communities

Every residence hall environment at the University of South Carolina is considered to be a learning-enhancing community. Living and Learning Communities are an integral part of the university experience, providing students with the opportunity to live in an environment that promotes diversity, embraces excellence, encourages insightful faculty-student interaction and works to develop a strong sense of community. All residents live in one of the following classifications of Living and Learning Communities:

General Learning Communities

General Learning Communities (GLCs) refer to environments in which residents have a variety of majors and academic interests. These learning communities take the shape of a floor, a wing or a building.

Associated Learning Communities

Associated Learning Communities (ALCs) have a specific academic or thematic focus. These learning communities have a direct association with the related academic area, theme, faculty and academic staff. Various Associated Learning Communities offer opportunities for residents to take courses together. The following Associated Learning Communities are available for current and first-year students:

For more information about Living and Learning Communities, contact Hilary Lichterman, Associate Director of Residential Learning Initiatives at 803-777-5412.