Designing Sustainable Communities for Living and Learning

Fall 2017/Spring 2018 New Freshmen Sign-Up

The Process:
Step 1: Know Your Deadlines
  • December 2016: 2017/2018 new freshmen housing application available on
  • May 1, 2017: Priority deadline for Living and Learning Community supplemental applications and housing application. Last day to request a roommate on application. Last day to make changes to to learning community preferences on application. First-year exemption request form deadline.
  • June 1, 2017: Deadline to cancel housing application for non-enrollment and receive refund of advance room payment ($100).
  • Summer 2017: Room assignments and roommate/suitemate information posted.
  • TBD: Residence halls open.
Step 2: Know Your Selections

Associated Learning Communities
Students interested in certain associated learning community or general learning communities must preference that community on their application. All ALCs require that you submit a separate supplemental application at the end of your general application. The priority deadline for ALC applications is May 1, 2017. The following ALCs are available to first-year students:

Business Community Journalism and Mass Communications Community
Capstone Scholars* Music Community
Carolina Men's Community Galen Health Fellows
Carolina Women's Community Preston Residential College
Engineering and Computing Community Performing & Visual Arts
Green Learning Community Sport and Entertainment Management Community
Healthy Carolina Wellness Community Women in Retailing and Fashion Merchandising
Honors Residence* Women in Leadership
International House at Maxcy College Women in Science

*Capstone Scholars and Honors Residence are only available for students who are accepted into these programs.

Roommate Requests
Freshmen can only request one roommate. AP credit is not considered when determining upperclass hall eligibility. Students who do not have a preferred roommate are asked to complete a profile on the housing application that will allow them to use “Roommate Finder” through the housing application to search for potential roommates.

Step 3: Complete Your Application

By living on campus you are part of a special community of students. Whether you are involved in an Associated Learning Community or you are just looking for a place to stay and select a general learning community, it is important that you find the interest that best suits your personality. To successfully submit your application, you must pay a $50 non-refundable application fee and $100 advance room payment. Even after you’ve submitted your application however, you can make changes through May 1, 2017.

We Can’t Help Unless We Know. Scared of heights, suffer from bad allergies or have other special considerations that we need to take into account when assigning your housing? Simply answer “yes” under the special considerations portion of your application.

Step 4: I'm Approved for Housing. What's Next?

Once you have applied for on-campus, you’re finished learning community assignment by your orientation date. Your room assignment and roommate/suitemate assignment will be available online during summer 2017. Assignment coordinators will make assignments following these guidelines:

  • Applications are sorted into types: Associated Learning Community applications, Common Course selections and general learning community selections. Then, within each type, applications are sorted by the date of each student’s application to the university. Associated Learning Community assignments are made first, then Common Course assignments, followed by general learning community assignments.
  • Freshmen are assigned with other freshmen unless space is restricted. However, students participating in Associated Learning Communities may be assigned with upperclass students.
  • University Housing does not guarantee to assign a specific roommate to share the room, but will attempt to honor specific requests whenever possible. In order to maximize your chances, students must mutually prefer one another and both students must have paid applications on file prior to May 1. The assignment will be based on the preferences listed on the application with the earliest submission date to the university.
  • If the first learning community you (and your roommate, if applicable) list as preferred is “full” when we get to your “turn,” we will proceed to the next learning community listed. The process is continued until all assignments are made.

Checkout the Future Student FAQ section for more information about applying for housing. If you have questions about the application or assignment process, please contact an assignment coordinator at 803-777-4283, like us ( or tweet us (@UofSCHousing).