Designing Sustainable Communities for Living and Learning

Business Community

About This Community

The Business Community fosters a supportive environment for students in the Darla Moore School of Business and promotes the Moore School’s global involvement and cross-cultural interaction missions. It also introduces students to opportunities within the field of business and increases their awareness of the relationship of business and the global community. Preference for admittance is given to students who are business majors.

Students Who Call This Community Home

The Community is targeted at first-year and upper-class students seeking degrees in a business related major or field.

Community Mission

The Business Living and Learning Community will assist in providing access to opportunities within the field of Business and to increase resident awareness of the relationship of business to the global community. Residents will connect with The Darla Moore School of Business undergraduate advisors and faculty to engage in business-related academic, extracurricular, and professional activities. Additionally, the community will promote global and cross-cultural interaction and foster a supportive environment within the community.

How to Apply

  • Access housing application on
  • List the Business Community as the first of your required top 5 Living Learning Community preferences.
  • Submit housing application by paying $150 application fee no later than May 1, 2017.
  • Housing priority is based on your learning community preferences and your date of application to the institution.


Linked Course Opportunities

Research shows that students who participate in linked courses within their learning community are more likely to take ownership of their academics and become more engaged in their learning communities. Students who apply to live in the Business Community will have the opportunity to enroll into either ACCT 225 (Introduction to Financial Accounting), ECON 221 (Principles of Microeconomics) or MGSC 290 (Comp Info Systems in Business). These specific sections will be solely for Business Majors who are in the Business Community. Students in these sections will also live together on the same floor as their peers within the Community. Students selected into these courses will receive priority housing placement as well as placement into the respective courses listed above. Seating for this linked course option is limited and acceptance will be a based on the date of admittance into the university. Selection to participate on this application does not guarantee admittance into the program. Admitted students will be notified prior to Orientation. To apply please send a statement of interest to For more information please click here.

Unique Community Experiences

  • Close proximity to the Darla Moore School of Business.
  • Events and experiences that link you with Business student organizations and academic advisors.
  • Business major exploration and career development experiences.
  • Opportunity to take linked courses with fellow community members who are in the same major.
For more information please contact