Designing Sustainable Communities for Living and Learning

Engineering & Computing Community

About This Community

Living in the Engineering and Computing Community makes U of SC feel more like home as residents connect with peers who share similar interest and passions right away. Living in the Engineering and Computing Community enriches the educational and residential environment for students in the College of Engineering and Computing. This community encourages collaborative learning, student-faculty interaction, and engagement in academic opportunities beyond the classroom. Come join us!

Students Who Call This Community Home

The community aims to serve primarily first-year and returning students within the College of Engineering and Computing.

Community Mission

The Engineering and Computing Living and Learning Community promotes the success of students within the College of Engineering and Computing by connecting first-year engineering and computing students to faculty, staff and students. This academically based student driven community is guided by engineering and computing principles that inspire educational programming, leadership opportunities, and insight into the field.

How to Apply

  • Access housing application on
  • List the Engineering and Computing Community as the first of your required top 5 Living Learning Community preferences.
  • Submit housing application by paying $150 application fee no later than May 1, 2017.
  • Housing priority is based on your learning community preferences and your date of application to the institution.


Linked Course Opportunities

Research shows that students who participate in linked courses within their learning community are more likely to succeed academically and to engage. Students applying to live in the Engineering and Computing Community can also apply to participate in a linked Math course. By participating in linked courses, students will live on the same floor and be preregistered in the same section of their Math class. Students will enroll in either MATH 115 or 141, based on placement. Math is required for first semester Engineering and Computing students to enroll in. Students in this program will receive priority housing and Math course placement. To apply for this option, students must complete the Math Placement Test on the same timeline as the housing application. The MPT is required of all Engineering and Computing students and can be taken anytime online at For more information please click here.

Unique Community Experiences

  • Professionally
    Receive mentoring and support from faculty, staff, and UofSC Engineering and Computing alumni, and visit engineering and computing sites across the state all in an effort to promote your personal and professional success.

  • Educationally
    Opportunities include taking a specific course dedicated to assist with your transition and integration into the U of SC and Engineering and Computing communities (ENCP 105), participate in intentionally designed programming to complete your educational experience, utilize writing and math tutoring, as well as opportunities for undergraduate research, internships and co-ops.

  • Facility
    Current living facilities is within close proximity to the Engineering and Computing building (Swearingen), features apartment style housing with new kitchen units, Study Lounges and a Game Room, is next door to the Bates Cafeteria, an all-you-can-eat facility with great dining options, parking located directly in front of the building, is only a block away from both the Blatt Gym and Field for an active lifestyle, and is within close proximity to all U of SC sport venues.
For more information please contact