Designing Sustainable Communities for Living and Learning

Green Quad Community

About This Community

Green Quad will quickly become your home away from home. We are committed to educating our students about sustainability and helping you find your place on campus. Whether you volunteer in our garden, attend an event, or grab a cup a coffee with our Faculty Principal Joe, you'll begin to learn more about the world around you and the impact you can make.

We partner with the School of the Earth, Ocean and the Environment (SEOE) and house the Marine Science Linked Community. For students majoring in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geological Sciences, Geophysics, or Marine Science - this is absolutely the place for you! Living in Green Quad is the perfect complement to your program or study.

For students with majors outside of SEOE - don't worry, there's a place here for you too! We work with students from English to Engineering and everything in between. Every major has a connection to sustainability and we help you realize how to tie what you learn in Green Quad into your future. There's a home for everyone in Green Quad.

Students that live in Green Quad also have access to one-on-one coaching with your in-house career coach, Laura. Laura works with students in Green Quad to develop academic and career goals and will help you succeed on campus and beyond. We've got a whole staff in Green Quad that have your back, so rest easy knowing you're in good hands!

Students Who Call This Community Home

The Green Quad is home to 498 thoughtful students that want to make an impact in their world. As a coed, apartment-style hall, Green Quad brings together students from all academic majors and class years. From Environmental Science majors to our Philosophy majors, all of our students find a home in Green Quad and figure out how they can contribute to our world.

Green Quad is also home to the Learning Center for Sustainable Futures, which is the hub for sustainability on campus - in here you'll find classrooms, a lounge space, an intern suite, and even a kitchen. Throughout the year we host a myriad of events, teach our Green Quad specific U101, and get out our mats for weekly yoga. Students that get involved in our programs have the opportunity to make a significant impact on campus and also make some pretty incredible friendships.

How To Apply

  • Access housing application on
  • List the Green Quad Community as the first of your required top 5 Living Learning Community preferences. 
  • Submit housing application by paying $150 application fee no later than May 1, 2017.
  • Housing priority is based on your learning community preferences and your date of application to the institution.

Community Mission

Green Quad is a sustainable living-learning community that seeks to connect and develop students while building a rich community in which students incorporate sustainability into their daily knowledge and habits. Green Quad students will leave with the confidence and know-how to influence their peers and impact their world.

Unique Community Experiences

  • Green Quad University 101: U101 is a cool 19-person class that you'll take with other first year students to learn more about the university, our community, and yourself. We host sections that are for Green Quad students and it's the perfect way to get to know your peers and make new friendships. Plus you take class right in your home - it doesn't get any better than that! If you're interested in taking U101 in Green Quad email Laura.
  • On-side Advisors: From academic to career planning, we’ve got your back.  You have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with a coach that will help you with anything you need.  We’ll help you goal set and work as hard as we can to make sure you achieve even your wildest dreams.
  • Green Scholars Program: Our Green Scholars take U101 together, attend events together, and serve the community together.  It’s the perfect way to get involved in our thriving community and meet some new friends. For more information click here.
  • Community Events: There is ALWAYS something going on at Green Quad! Whether we’re teaching you how to cook in your dorm room through our Flour Hour series or taking you out to Joe’s house for Farm Day, there’s never a dull moment. Coming to our events is the best way to meet people in GQ.
  • Service Opportunities: If you’re a community service buff, you’ll feel right at home. We have daily service opportunities in our garden and take multiple trips down to the Rocky Branch creek that runs behind GQ to do river clean ups.
  • Sustainable Organizations: we’ve got friends in green places!
For more information please contact