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Music Community

About This Community

The Music Community helps students connect their experiences in the School of Music to where they live. The community provides experiences beyond the classroom to connect with faculty, create study groups, and form a community with their peers.

Students Who Call This Community Home

Students who have been accepted in to the School of Music. Mostly first year students, but there are some opportunities for upper-class mentors.

Community Mission

The Music Community helps students live the mission of their School as they reside, perform, and study together. This community will stretch and strengthen a student’s musical education through quality interactions with peers, professors, and partners


How To Apply

  • Access housing application on
  • List the Music Community as the first of your required top 5 Living Learning Community preferences.
  • Submit housing application by paying $150 application fee no later than May 1, 2017.
  • Housing priority is based on your learning community preferences and your date of application to the institution.

Unique Community Experiences

  • Music at McCutchen
    Lunch with various faculty members in the School of Music.
  • Prep for Jury
    A time where you can hear from upper-class students what Jury will be like and how to prepare for this.
  • Diverse Concerts
    Opportunities to go to various concerts with the people you live with


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