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Sport and Entertainment Management Community

About This Community

Living in the Sports and Entertainment Management Community makes U of SC feel more like home as residents connect with peers who share similar interests and passions right away. The community is loaded with residents ready to dedicate their careers to sports and entertainment. In our community, students benefit from studying and assisting one another with coursework, stay current with a subscription to the Sports Business Journal, and connect with faculty members beyond the classroom. Our community is the place to be for those desiring to work the Sports and Entertainment industry.

Students Who Call This Community Home

This community aims to serve primarily first-year and returning students within the department of Sport and Entertainment Management in the College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management.

Community Mission

The Sport and Entertainment Management Living & Learning Community is an academically enriched residential community designed for students in the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management. This community provides residents with collaborative and engaging academic opportunities, fosters leadership development and career exploration both within and beyond the classroom.

How to Apply

  • Access housing application on
  • List the Sports and Entertainment Management Community as the first of your required top 5 Living Learning Community preferences.
  • Submit housing application by paying $150 application fee no later than May 1, 2017.
  • Housing priority is based on your learning community preferences and your date of application to the institution.


Linked Course Opportunities

Research shows that students who participate in linked courses within the learning communities are most likely to succeed academically and engage socially. Sports and Entertainment Management majors applying to live in the Sports and Entertainment Management Community can also apply to enroll in both a UNIV 101 major specific and SPTE 201 course. SPTE 201 is a required course for first semester Sport and Entertainment Management majors. Students participating in linked courses will recieve priority housing and course placement into SPTE 201 and UNIV 101. To apply please send a statement of interest to For more information please click here.

Unique Community Experiences

  • Professionally
    Receive regular communication regarding volunteer and internship opportunities locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Educationally
    Frequent accessibility to connect with well-established SPTE faculty, a subscription to the Sports Business Journal to help stay current with trends in the field, field trips to various Entertainment and Sports venues both locally and regionally, make connections at the Sport, Entertainment, and Venues Tomorrow Conference, and learn at the College Sport Research Institute.
  • Facility
    Current living facilities is within close proximity to all U of SC sports venues to help you accrue loyalty points, features apartment style housing with new kitchen units, Study Lounges and a Game Room, is only a block away from both the Blatt Gym and Field for an active lifestyle, parking located directly in front of the building, and is next door to the Bates Cafeteria, an all-you-can-eat facility with great dining options.
For more information please contact