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Desk Assistant Expectations

Beginning of Work Shift Procedures

When you begin your work shift, be sure to:

  1. Sign your exact arrival time on the DA sign-in sheets.
  2. Discuss with the previous DA any problems, incidents or updates from the past shift.
  3. Check for any notes or updates from your supervisor. Be sure to read these carefully because they may contain important information pertinent to your duty in the hall.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the visitation policy for the residence hall in which you are working. This is especially important if you are working in more than one hall.
  5. Check the desk supplies and make sure you have:
    • DA substitution forms, pens and/or pencils
    • DA manual duty log
    • Visitor sign-in sheets
    • DA sign-in logs
    • Rosters

If your supplies are low, contact your supervisor.

During Work Shift Procedures
  1. Remain awake and alert at all times.
  2. Be observant of people who enter the building, assisting non-residents in contacting a resident to gain entrance via the guest policy.
  3. Verify students who do not have their CarolinaCard as directed by your supervisor. This may mean you are verified by the Campus or Satellite Office or you may be directed to verify students using the roster at the front desk.
  4. Assist residents in signing in all guests in the visitor’s log and collect IDs (as instructed by your supervisor).
  5. Document all incidents that are unusual and/or suspicious.
  6. Keep the desk and lobby area neat and organized.
  7. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
  8. Know the building specific duties below as directed by your supervisor:
    • Fire alarm procedures
    • Card access procedures
    • Emergency maintenance
    • Guest sign-in procedures
    • Computer room usage procedures
    • Emergency procedures, medical, bomb threats, fire, etc.
End of Work Shift Procedures
  1. Wait for another staff member to relieve you. Please note that leaving your work area before you are relieved by someone else could result in disciplinary action and/or the termination of your employment. If your replacement does not show up:
    • Do not leave the desk unattended. Call the person to see if they are on their way.
    • If you are unable to reach an RM/RT, call your supervisor.
    • If the security guard has not arrived, call your supervisor.
  2. Always leave some cushion time at the end of your shift in case your replacement is late or does not show up. That is, if your shift ends at 3, do not make an appointment for 3:15. Leaving the desk unattended will not be tolerated.

  3. Discuss with your replacement any incidents, problems or updates from your shift.
  4. Sign out your exact departure time in the duty log book.
  5. Thoroughly document all incidents you observed during your shift and complete the online Incident Report.
  6. Clean up your work area and throw away any trash.
  7. Complete any other specific duties assigned by the RLC/ARLC/RHD or supervisor.