Designing Sustainable Communities for Living and Learning

Harper Elliott

Guiding Philosophies

Educational Priority

University Housing provides an environment that motivates students to devote time and energy to educationally purposeful activities by providing experiences that facilitate student’s academic progress, awareness of self, and awareness of others.

Theoretical Framework

In University Housing, we are committed to enhancing student learning and development. Through reflective practices aligned with theories of self authorship and active learning, our framework encourages students to navigate experiences within and beyond the classroom. This partnership involving students, faculty, and staff is designed to act as a catalyst to encourage lifelong learning.

Learning Outcomes & Narratives

Learning Outcome 1: Academic Progress:

Thrive in an environment that supports and enhances class attendance, utilization of academic resources, and interaction with faculty. These priorities, and similar time-on-task experiences, will lead to the development of academic interests and exploration of academic major and career potential.

Learning Outcome 2: Awareness of Self:

Develop a personal identity by exploring ideas, beliefs, values, and relationships either similar or different from prior experiences. In order to do so, students will communicate effectively, develop leadership skills, practice healthy behaviors, and reflect upon experiences to seek personal growth.

Learning Outcome 3: Awareness of Others:

Gain an understanding of their responsibility to others. Students will develop community through the exploration of civility, social responsibility, and diversity to enhance their growth within, and contribution to, society. Develop relationships with peers, faculty, and staff in residential communities that emphasize a sense of belonging and opportunities for involvement. Through the facilitation of safe, inclusive, and supportive environments, students will contribute to and take pride in their home at UofSC.