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Microfridges In Residence Halls

In our on-going efforts to increase sustainability, University Housing this fall (2017) now requires that residents that wish to bring a refrigerator or microwave into a residence hall must use a Microfridge. The Microfridges made available through the Standards for Living's website meet all of the requirements for residential living on the University of South Carolina campus. Microfridges can be purchased or rented through this company.

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Reduce energy consumption and provide for a more sustainable residential living environment

Complies with outlet specifications for electrical use

Prevents smoke detectors from alarming by shutting down when smoke begins, which will reduce standing in the cold at night for fire alarms


NO mini fridges or stand-alone microwaves are allowed in Traditional or Suite Style buildings this fall

McBryde and Bates House already have microfridges in each room as an amenity for these residence halls

NO mini fridges are allowed in single apartment rooms as University Housing provides a full size refridgerator for use in the kitchen

Residents of Apartments may bring one microwave for use in the kitchen only

Residents MUST utilize the microfridges provided by "Standards for Living" as they have the technology that prevents smoke from setting off alarms

For additional MicroFridge information please visit Standards for Living's web site at or call 1-800-525-7307.


Rental for a year $237.59 - Purchase for $572.39


If you have a medical need or have circumstances that prohibit you from purchasing a Microfridge or you have a need for a private mini-fridge please contact University Housing at 803-777-4283 or email us at for more information.