Designing Sustainable Communities for Living and Learning


Vision, Mission and Goals


University Housing is committed to creating state-of-the-art facilities that are sustainable, safe, clean and well-maintained homes in order to enhance student learning beyond the classroom. Qualified and caring University Housing staff, in collaboration with students, will create quality student interactions that will inspire students to discover more about themselves and others, while reflecting on how to become inclusive and exemplary leaders, life-long learners and productive members of their community.


University Housing creates a sustainable living and learning community that promotes the academic success and personal development of students.


University Housing seeks to provide a meaningful college experience and to that end, we will:

  1. create a physical and cultural environment where students and staff are encouraged to learn and grow;
  2. provide sustainable, clean, well-maintained, functional and attractive facilities;
  3. provide high-quality support services in a fiscally responsible manner.